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海外, 主にシェリーの占いを翻訳しているよ。たまに占い以外も訳している。占いは蟹座だけだよ。

7月26日〜 週間蟹座 詳細

Your stars for the week beginning 26 July 2015 in detail

In order to discuss the week of the 26th, Cancer, it’s important to go back to July 16th when the New Moon in your sign - the Cancer New Moon - took place. Of course there’s a New Moon each month but there’s only one New Moon in your sign each year, and because the New Moon constitutes a kind of a personal New Year, it will be a time when, on one hand, you consider what works in your life and what you want more of, and equally what must go.


As a Cancer you combine the qualities of a certain forthrightness, if not stubbornness, and a sentimentality that means that you can stick with what and who you believe in through thick and thin. While, in many cases, that’s a virtue, at the moment some of what you’ve decided to stick with needs to be rethought and reviewed. In fact, if you don’t actually actively review certain arrangements you could find that they’re unceremoniously altered, if not removed from your life. That may sound a bit drastic but when you understand the nature of the planetary setup you’ll also recognise why this is so important.


Not only did you recently experience the New Moon in your sign, you’re also benefitting from the presence of Mars, the planet that’s all about ego, action, and energy, in Cancer. Mars moved into Cancer on June 24th and it remains in your sign until early August, until the 8th. During this period, again, you have been and will continue to be conducting a review. This review is important and what you’ve learned already, and what you will learn now, during the week of the 26th, will make it clear that some of what seemed to be important only recently needs to change and be rethought. If there’s anything tricky it’s that you won’t always know what those changes need to be or, indeed, whether certain arrangements should simply go – whether it’s time to say farewell to them. This may not be what you want to hear but with fantastic and powerful planetary activity involving Jupiter, which is itself the planet of growth, and which is powerfully aspected during most of the month of August, what you’re letting go of now isn’t about a defeat, or a loss - it’s about clearing the way for the exciting developments that are to come.


You may already have a sense of some of them, especially between the presence of Mars in your sign and the recent New Moon, but there’s a great deal more to come. And with Mercury and Venus both actually meeting Jupiter in the portion of your chart that has to do with finances, with what you earn and what you own and with your assets, and even with your self esteem, all during the first ten days of the month of August, by no means do you need to be concerned about letting go of elements of the past. True, during the week of the 26th this may take a certain amount of courage and faith. And with the Full Moon - on this Friday the 31st - bringing your feelings about these matters to a peak you could, indeed, note anxieties. But these are the kind of anxieties that come with the beginning of a powerful and positive new cycle. It’s rather like the anxieties that occur when you visit someplace that’s unfamiliar, you may have read about it, you may even have seen pictures, but you still don’t quite know what to expect and so, indeed, will be a little anxious. Yet, with Mars in your sign, if ever there was a time to plunge into something new and to explore new alliances, it’s now, during the week of the 26th and in the period that Mars remains in Cancer – until August 8th.


What’s more, with Jupiter continuing to accent ways you could broaden your horizons financially, and with its encounters with Venus and Mercury indicating powerful discussions about these potentials, the more inquisitive you are and the more willing you are to explore various options, the better. True, this could, as previously mentioned, mean letting go of elements of the past, and it could mean plunging into situations that are unfamiliar and, perhaps even seem a bit strange. But if ever there was a time to take chances, on your activities, on your alliances and on your earnings, it’s during the week of the 26th.


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