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海外, 主にシェリーの占いを翻訳しているよ。たまに占い以外も訳している。占いは蟹座だけだよ。

8月 蟹座 双子座



Being ruled by the Moon, you’re especially conscious of influence of the lunar cycle on both events and everybody’s mood, your own and others’. Yet not only do August’s two eclipses, on 7 and 21 August, intensify feelings, they’re about turning points. Unsettling as this seems, you’ll welcome most changes, if only because they’ll enable you to break away from restrictive, if reassuring, situations. These will lead to progress, but you won’t know how until mid September at the earliest. 




Usually you’re the first to spot new trends and discuss them with those who’re in the know. However, with your ruler Mercury retrograde from 13 August until 5 September, you’ll be short of facts and unsure of your priorities. Still, seek out gathering vital information, then discuss your insights with others. State your views, explaining you’re no more sure of the outcome than anybody else. Having clarified that, make a joint effort to explore changes in existing arrangements and future plans.