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海外, 主にシェリーの占いを翻訳しているよ。たまに占い以外も訳している。占いは蟹座だけだよ。

10/15〜 週間蟹座



With so much going on, pausing to reflect on your priorities may seem pointless. However, judging by the power of Thursday’s New Moon, which brings a much needed fresh perspective on the structure of your life, at home and out in the world, the insights you gain will be worth it. This new clarity will give you the confidence to make crucial, if not life-changing, decisions.




Because you’re inquisitive, you’re often first to learn about new ideas. While some you’re currently hearing about are merely intriguing, others could contribute to timely if unexpected changes in your way of living or working. Sudden as they would be, at least explore them. What you learn will, at minimum, be inspiring, but could be the beginning of something as rewarding as it is surprising.