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海外, 主にシェリーの占いを翻訳しているよ。たまに占い以外も訳している。占いは蟹座だけだよ。

6/17〜 週間蟹座 双子座



Although you’re entering an expansive cycle, for now, your time is best invested in dealing with certain as yet unsettled issues. Some are recent, others go back for ages, many seem minor. But left unresolved, each could distract you when you need to focus on the amazing events promised by the coming months’ powerful planetary activity. Regard dealing with these as an investment in your future.




Most Geminis have a well-earned reputation for being easygoing about even disruptive changes. Yet certain rather tricky individuals and, equally, the developments you’re dealing with all demand you handle matters with a firm hand. This will be easier for everybody. First, many are unsure what’s best. But, even more, as you’re now recognising, you’re far better informed than most of those around you.

6/10〜 週間蟹座 双子座



For weeks you’ve been dealing with changes and new ideas, many sudden and a few unexpected, and you’ve learnt a lot. While most of that investigation has been discreet, Tuesday’s move by the communication planet Mercury into Cancer shifts the focus to more forthright questioning and discussion. Decisions? They can and should wait for a few weeks, until your mind’s clearer and you’re better informed.




Although Wednesday’s New Moon is about a fresh start for every sign, it’s in Gemini, so means this is a sort of personal New Year. Take advantage of this opportunity to review what works but needs improvement, what could change and, especially, what could go. For now, focus on the big picture. While you’ll need to attend to details, they can wait until plans are clearer.

6/3〜 週間蟹座 双子座



The past weeks’ developments may have been unsettling. But your instincts correctly suggest they’re breaking up old patterns and, in doing so, encouraging you to explore new ways of working, living or certain activities. While getting things settled would be a relief, your own priorities are shifting. In fact, things may not be settled until mid-July’s Cancer eclipsed New Moon. After that, everything will be clear.




Understandably, being unable to fully understand the nature and direction of changes is frustrating. However, this confusion is preparation for the Gemini New Moon, on the 13th, which constitutes a sort of personal new year. For now, therefore, focus on where changes are needed or what might go. This ensures you’ll be ready to deal with the often surprising ideas and offers that appear in mid-June.

6月 蟹座 双子座



If it seems you’re constantly changing if not eliminating plans, some long term, it’s no surprise. Equally, you’re probably decluttering your life of possessions but, also, of burdensome relationships, personal and professional. While often challenging, letting go is also a relief. Better yet, having less on your mind frees you to explore intriguing encounters and new ideas. Some you’ll embrace immediately but you’re unsure about others. Don’t rush. Things will come together around mid-July’s Cancer New Moon. Until then, focus on exploring absolutely everything.




Exciting if unsettling events during May’s second half mean that, as you begin the month of June, you’ll be overwhelmed with intriguing ideas and eagerly exploring far-reaching changes. Gather facts, then discuss your ideas. However, sidestep fixed commitments until you’re benefitting from the insights, personal and in terms of your priorities, triggered by the Gemini New Moon, on the 13th. While that might mean abandoning recent passions, it also means that what, and who, comes first then will continue to take priority in your life.

5/27〜 週間蟹座 双子座



Obviously, when committing to life-changing plans, you’ll want guarantees about both the outcome and their stability. Judging by the current stunning planetary setup, these are as good as they seem. Still, with Tuesday’s Full Moon heightening your feelings, if you let them, those questions could turn into doubts. The trick? Busy yourself with absorbing activities, and those doubts will pass as swiftly as they appeared.




Sometimes you can make bigtime decisions all at once. However, because the Gemini New Moon, with its accompanying clear perspective on present and future plans, isn’t until 13 June, both vital changes and the resulting insights will appear in stages. Knowing that, invest time in exploring unfamiliar ideas and pursuits, including those you’ve previously turned down. Your priorities are changing, as will the choices you make.

5/20〜 週間蟹座 双子座



Pivotal elements of your work, lifestyle and long term goals are in transition and, mostly, out of your hands. That could seem worrying. But, actually, you’ve a rare opportunity to observe the direction things are going and, importantly, reassess your priorities and broaden your perspective. For now, give serious thought to what, and who, you could do without and, equally, what you’d like more of.




Usually you’re the first to ask questions and discuss new ideas. However, you’re currently spending more time reflecting on what works, what doesn’t and what’s next than talking things over. This is wise, as it means you’re able to observe the week’s stunning opportunities from the sidelines and give them serious thought. Decisions? Ideally, they’ll wait until the powerful insights that accompany mid-June’s Gemini New Moon.

5/13〜 週間蟹座 双子座



Usually, the combination of several planets moving into new positions would indicate minor shakeups. But with the New Moon ushering in a fresh perspective on existing arrangements anyway, you’ll be ready, if not eager, to rethink even longstanding arrangements. The trick is to explore your options but, for now, sidestep lasting decisions. Instead, consider whether the time has come to seriously rethink your priorities.




Often you’ve wished that destiny would deal with challenging decisions for you. Now that’s happening, but you won’t necessarily be thrilled. Still, go along with whatever happens. Not only will changes continue, because you wouldn’t have opted for these yourself, you’re bound to learn from them. Final decisions? You’ll make them, but in time. For now and the coming weeks, focus on exploration.