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海外, 主にシェリーの占いを翻訳しているよ。たまに占い以外も訳している。占いは蟹座だけだよ。

4/23〜 週間 蟹座 双子座



Knowing where you stand, both in terms of ongoing obligations and future plans, is a relief. But during periods of growth, such as this is, it can mean you ignore ideas or offers that are well worth investigating. While, obviously, you can’t pursue everything, what you learn from what you don’t do will prove hugely helpful now and, even more as the month of May unfolds.




When making decisions, you sidestep restrictive arrangements that would prevent you meeting people and exploring exciting new ideas. Yet with Mars, planet of action and focus, now arrived in Gemini, and remaining until early June, you’ll be examining existing goals and exploring new ones. Commit, but in such a way that when intriguing new options arise, as they will, you can easily rethink things.

4/16〜 週間蟹座 双子座



This is a week of unsettling events and discussions. Worrying as that sounds, you’ll be tackling tricky but minor issues, and not only putting them to rest but learning from them. Many go back ages, and as you wrestle with these, you’ll realise there are better ways to approach them and similar situations. Equally, resist the temptation to finalise arrangements, as these changes will continue.




Having been born under the most inquisitive sign of the zodiac, you thrive on unexpected changes and new ideas. Yet even you could be overwhelmed, mostly by what’s on its way out, often with nothing solid or inspiring in sight. Be patient. This is clearing the way for the powerful cycle of personal review and change that begins with Mars’s move into Gemini on the 21st.

4/13 蟹座 双子座



Although Mercury’s retrograde cycle began last Sunday, you’re only now picking up on the confusion usually associated with this period. That’s because it’s positioned in the portion of your chart that accents existing, and often tricky, situations. So much so, you’ve already discussed several of these issues, and in detail.




Urgent as certain decisions seem, for the moment you’re better off decluttering both your life and your future plans. That way when Mars, the planet of action and courage, moves into Gemini on the 21st, you’ll be both ready and clear-minded enough to take advantage of its powerful influence.

4/9〜 週間蟹座 双子座



Tuesday’s Full Moon brings things together, you’re both excited and anxious. Reassuring as solid plans would be, with so much in flux, ensure any arrangements are flexible enough to ride out the numerous twists and turns yet to come.




Your motto for this, and the coming weeks, is ‘wait and watch’. As a quick-minded Gemini, you’re usually the first to respond to intriguing ideas and trends. However, with your ruler Mercury retrograde, from today, and in the most strategic part of your chart, life’s about reflection. What you learn, about situations, others and most important, yourself will transform your thinking, if not your life.


4/2〜 週間蟹座 双子座



For ages you’ve been talking over changes in your domestic or working life. You’ve made some but are still discussing others, mostly because your priorities are unclear. What seemed your best option as recently as late last year has evolved, almost beyond recognition. Ideally, you’ll keep both your thinking and arrangements flexible until the Full Moon, on the 11th, when feelings and facts come to a thrilling climax.




Recently you faced a range of changes. Some were exciting and others puzzling but, in every case, you knew where events were taking you. However, with your ruler Mercury retrograde from the 9th, you’re beginning a period of questioning, exploration and, occasionally, disruption. Ironically, the more you’re ready to say farewell to, the better prepared you’ll be for the coming weeks’ exciting developments.

4月 双子座


You don’t think of yourself as impatient. Still, having struggled for weeks to find a new approach to unworkable plans, you’re frustrated. For now, focus on spotting existing arrangements, personal or professional, that devour your time but return little. Then eliminate those you can’t remedy. That way when decisive Mars moves into Gemini, on 21 April, for a six-week stay, you’ll be free of past burdens or restrictive commitments and, even more important, be clear about, and ready to pursue your objectives.

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4月 蟹座


Since early in the year you’ve been wrestling with questions about your priorities and, in particular, what’s worth keeping in your life versus what should go. You’ve overcome your sentimental attachment to various arrangements and are now examining what’s practical or worth the effort. Obviously, you’re eager to settle into new arrangements. But during this period of exploration, be patient. The insights you gain from what doesn’t work will prove invaluable when you make those final decisions, in a few months’ time.

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