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海外, 主にシェリーの占いを翻訳しているよ。たまに占い以外も訳している。占いは蟹座だけだよ。

9月 蟹座 双子座




Before the powerful Full Moon, on 6 September, you’d been unsure of your priorities. But events around that date both bring existing ideas and hopes out in the open, for everybody to discuss, and kick-start a dynamic cycle. True, often this means taking action before you’ve all the facts. Actually, that’s best, especially because, in most cases, you’ll be exploring your options with others. Keep arrangements flexible until late in the month, when thrilling events could turn already worthwhile ideas into something irresistible.




August’s many unexpected twists will have triggered exploration of potentially far out changes. Equally, it will have led to unexpectedly profitable discussions with individuals who, previously, you’ve regarded as dull. This combination has you thinking about activities you’ve heard about but never explored. Do so now, because by September’s close, circumstances will force you to venture into new, and unfamiliar, situations. With all these opportunities lining up, your next step is to say yes, and in a manner that shows you mean business.